A recent study from the Joint Center for Housing Centers of Harvard University found that more homeowners than ever are increasing their home improvement project spending at an incredibly fast rate. In 2019, homeowners spent $328 billion on home improvement projects. In 2023, it’s estimated that they will spend nearly $485 billion. As homeowners consider the projects they’d like to undertake, they must make one key decision: tackle a DIY or work with a professional renovation team? In every situation, working with a professional for a historic home remodel is the best choice. Wonder why? Take a look at these three key benefits.

Benefit #1 – Preservation Expertise

It was charming the moment you walked in the door, and that’s what convinced you to buy it. Professional teams understand the charm those historical features play in your home. They have specialized knowledge and skills to accurately restore older properties while highlighting their unique architectural features and character. You likely can’t begin to address that during a DIY project. More than that, though, they can often identify and source period-appropriate building materials that match the original work on the home. Combine that with their understanding of construction techniques and craftsmanship of the era in which your home was constructed, and they truly are the experts when it comes to preserving and restoring your home.

Benefit #2 – Efficient Project Management

What does it mean to manage a remodeling project well?  This is where professionals truly excel when it comes to home remodeling. They can effectively plan, organize, and oversee all aspects of the remodeling project while optimizing the use of time, resources, and budget. It’s tough to do that if you’re simply trying to integrate the knowledge you just gained from a YouTube tutorial as you work on your home remodel. Professionals, though, can manage the project efficiently, ensuring it stays on schedule and within budget, which can be particularly challenging with older homes.

Benefit #3 – Creative Problem Solving

One of the toughest parts of remodeling an older home is the fact that there are unforeseen challenges at every turn. During the demo, you might uncover something you didn’t realize was there. Many homes were built prior to code, which may mean outdated wiring, plumbing, or even more serious issues like asbestos. If you’re handling the remodel on your own, issues like these may stop work immediately because they can be tough to handle. Professionals can address unforeseen challenges that often arise during these older home remodels, finding creative solutions while preserving the home’s integrity.

The Value of a Professional Team

If you have an older home, DIY renovation and remodeling isn’t just stressful, it’s often dangerous. You may quickly run into unexpected problems or damage the historic beauty the home held for you in the first place. Working with a professional for a remodeling project like this ensures that everything is executed with care, expertise, and respect for the home’s unique charm and character, resulting in a stunning, well-preserved property that stands the test of time.

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