Revitalizing, repurposing, renovating – these three ideas make up our company’s core values, and over the last several years, we’ve been able to infuse those values into many different projects across the area.  Learn a bit about these projects below.

The Thompson House

Originally a Colonial Cape Cod style house, this project put our skills to the test. Joe Thompson grew up in the house, and with his wife Erin, bought it from his parents. They knew, though, they needed to re-envision the space to meet the needs of their growing family. Erin said, “I couldn’t imagine how the house could ever really look different. It was very traditional colonial style with lots of walls and small rooms. The roof line was very sloped.” Once they brought Redevelopment Group on board, though, things began to change quickly in the home. We changed the roofline, raising it to create more usable space. We then worked throughout the house to modernize it yet make it more functional across the board. “We’re glad to be here,” Joe and Erin said. “We love where we live.”

The Moreland/Marsh House

A historic home originally built in 1864, this project fit all of our company values. Owners Ronda Moreland and Louise Marsh brought us on board to fully customize this beautiful historic home. “From the street,” Moreland said, “it really looks like two homes. That was the goal, so mission accomplished.” We worked with the homeowners to create a modernized look for the living room and kitchen areas, then designed an entirely new bedroom addition for a unique space that works well for them.

The Knox House

Brandon and Tyler Knox reached out to the Redevelopment Group with a unique challenge: to create a vertical modern space that matched the needs of a smaller lot size. “We knew it wasn’t going to be a traditional home style because the lot was so unusual,” Brandon Knox said. “Windows were the biggest driver of the design. We hoped to make it feel bigger, so we knew we wanted full height windows.” The Redevelopment Group worked with Brandon and Tyler to create their unique vision. Brandon said, “We were looking for a higher level of quality but on a non-custom home budget, and we feel really fortunate that Redev actually catered to our budget.”


What is it likeworking with Redev?

Let Us Help You with Revitalizing, Repurposing, and Renovating.

At The Redevelopment Group, our goal is to help you reimagine a space in a way you never thought possible.  Our founder, Patrick Dubach, said it best when he stated, “Our core company value is to redeem properties. We’re really about people and giving them hope. With every project, we hope to be able to rebuild the foundations of the community.” Let us help you reimagine and do something amazing when you reach out to us today.

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