From the early 1800s when Indianapolis was initially settled, the area was destined for great things. As it was named a major rail center, helped develop some of the biggest industries in the United States, and grew into the key commercial, financial, and industrial center it is today, it has always been a stunning place filled with phenomenal neighborhoods.

As with every city, though, not all residential areas remained successful over the years, and those blighted communities are nothing short of ideal for redevelopment today. That is the goal of Redev. We’re working to stabilize those spaces to help recreate the beauty that once existed there and stimulate economic development in those spaces by rehabilitating properties.

So Much More Than Remodeling

Established in 1998, Redev had one early goal in mind – to celebrate the beauty that downtown Indianapolis once was. Founder Patrick Dubach’s goal was to build a development company that anchored attractive, renovated and new properties among the existing ones, breathing new life into once dilapidated areas of the city.

Patrick and his son Josh began the work in Holy Cross shortly after the company was founded with 14 properties over two blocks. The completion of every single project meant something phenomenal for the area – beautiful spaces and new developments that helped showcase the renewed power of what was once a stunning neighborhood. Today, new residents live alongside those legacy residents in rehabilitated properties that helps truly showcase the historic charm of the area.

Let UsHelp YouReimagineYour Space.

Redev not only helps revitalize historic spaces across Indianapolis, but we also work with individual clients on their own remodeling, rehabilitation, and new construction projects. We believe in sustainability, and for us, that means taking care of the historic homes of the past and creating fully custom homes too. Ready to explore what we can do for you?

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