A redeveloped neighborhood with newly built houses and cars, captured in an vibrant aerial view.

Buying a Home Downtown: You’ll Love Urban Real Estate

When you think of downtown Indianapolis, what images come to mind? OneAmerica’s distinctive design? The classic style…

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A 360 degree view of a house in the St Clair neighborhood.

Revitalizing, Repurposing, Renovating: A Closer Look at Three Recent Redev Projects

Revitalizing, repurposing, renovating – these three ideas make up our company’s core values, and over the last several…

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A brick building with a sign in front of it on 902 Broadway.

5 Ways To Preserve Character During Your Old Home Restoration

In the world of house-hunting shows on streaming services, you’ll see lots of individuals who are searching for older…

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A Green and Brown-colored Build or Redevelopment project.

Revitalizing Hope, Rehabilitating Properties: The ReDev Story

Redev not only helps revitalize historic spaces across Indianapolis, but we also work with individual clients on their…

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A modern living room with a fireplace and tv professionally remodeled.

Three Key Benefits of Professional Remodeling: The Dangers of DIY

A recent study from the Joint Center for Housing Centers of Harvard University found that more homeowners than ever are…

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A modern kitchen with black cabinets and a black island located on Winthrop Avenue in the year 2027.

Transparency & Timeliness: Redev’s Thoughtful Remodeling Process

The demand for home remodeling services skyrocketed during the pandemic, and for good reason. With more people than…

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A white bathroom with wooden cabinets and mirrors located at Winthrop Avenue in 2027.

The ROI of Remodeling: Why Investing In Your Space Means More Than Financial Gain

Remodeling your home is a big decision that can have a significant impact on your finances and your overall quality of…

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