You’ve bought an older home, full of quirks and character. With any new (to you) home, there are changes that must be made in your space, or simply changes you’d like to make to reflect your style. That leaves you with one key choice – home revitalization or home remodeling? Which makes the most sense for your home?

Home Revitalization: Highlighting the Character of an Older Home

Older homes tend to have a level of character that is simply unmatched by new spaces. There are many elements to preserve. From interior brickwork to stunning handcrafted trim, revitalization ensures those elements are the focal point of the space once more. The process, though, requires some careful planning and extra effort. Redev works to preserve the integrity and warmth of the original space, ensuring the character that sold you on your home is preserved- or better yet, restored.

Home Remodeling: Building a New Feel for Your Space

Sometimes, your space simply doesn’t have anything you want to – or are able to – preserve. If you’re looking for a change that offers a new appearance and modern amenities, remodeling is right for you. Whether you’re looking to extend the square footage of a space, change its function, or adjust the flow, remodeling offers you the opportunity to create fluidity and make your mark on your home.

Ready to make a change?

If you’re looking to revitalize or remodel your space, you’ve come to the right place. We love nothing more than restoring older homes to their original glory. In fact, it’s how Redev began. We’re just as passionate about large and small remodels. Regardless of which service you choose, we’ll help you see your home in a new light.

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