At ReDev, our goal is always to work with homeowners to revitalize and reimagine existing spaces, and the chance to work with Joe and Erin Thompson gave us exactly that opportunity. The two loved where they lived, but the home no longer fit their needs. With a growing family, space and modernization was a serious concern for the two of them. Our core values, though, worked to guide us forward in this unique remodel.

A house with a roof that has been torn down due to an auto draft.

About the Home

The Thompson home was a Colonial Cape Cod style home, but more importantly, it was Joe’s childhood home. “I grew up in this house,” Joe said. “I lived here my whole life and ended up purchasing it from my parents.” It was a beautiful home, but not only was it an incredibly traditional home with a very sloped roof line, but it no longer really met the Thompson’s needs. That’s when they turned to us for home renovation.

The ReDev Home Renovation Difference

ReDev isn’t every other remodeling company. Our focus is always to preserve the character and heritage of a space while still ensuring the homeowners wants and needs are met. When Joe and Erin reached out, Erin was more than a little skeptical that we could even make the changes they hoped to see in the home. “I could not picture how our roofline could change to meet our needs in my mind,” Erin explained.

A home renovation project transforming a room with the addition of a staircase.

To fulfill their expectations, we increased the usable living space to offer them great options


for their growing family while still maintaining the home’s original look and feel. We also worked to modernize the rest of the interior, making it a far more functional space for the

Thompson family.

Because we specialize in projects like these, we didn’t just accomplish the goals Joe and Erin had for the space, we exceeded their expectations. “Seeing how they were able to change the roofline and make that useable space was amazing. It was not something I could envision,” Erin said. Joe was pleased with the outcome too. “They really helped us reimagine this whole place,” he said.

Ready to Get Started?

At ReDev, we know that changing where you live isn’t just about increasing space or adding functionality. Often it’s about preserving what you have at the same time. Just as we did for Joe and Erin’s home, we can help you preserve what you love while meeting your new needs. Contact us today to learn more.