Michael Cook has brought a unique set of skills, experience, and interests to the Re-Development Group, since his start in 2014. Michael is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR), and graduate of Indiana University. He has experienced success in the construction, supply-chain management, and the non-profit sector.

As the RDG Controller, he is more than a number cruncher. Michael is the analyzer, interpreter, and disseminator of financial information for the RDG team, as well as its clients and supporting firms. Michael is responsible for forecasting and tracking the costs from project to project. He also assists with “big picture” strategic planning to help insure the sustainability of the RDG mission. If you want to know all the risks and cost of a project, you want Michael on your team. Sharing the passion for community like the rest of his Re-Development partners, Michael is an active member of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association Executive Committee. Michael gives back to his neighborhood by volunteering his time and talent to his neighbors. Whether it is a clean-up day, or planning an event, Michael will be one of the people you can count on to get things done. As a founding member of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Men’s Club, Michael helps to plan and implement improvement projects for Legacy Residents in the Holy Cross Neighborhood, and he actively promotes and organizes work days. Michael is also a contributing writer for the Urban Times, the only publication for Indy’s downtown neighborhoods.

When Michael is not working or volunteering, he will be with his wife Darci, and his daughters Avery, and Eva. Most likely you will find the whole family in the kitchen cooking for family and friends, walking or biking on the cultural trail, or playing at Highland Park. They take advantage of everything the city has to offer. If it’s going on downtown, Michael, Darci, and the girls will be there.