We realize that surprises are nice for your birthday, not so much in a construction project.  So we work hard to remove "surprise" from the equation. Good idea? We thought so to. We share cost information early, and make sure we keep your financial goals at the forefront of the design process.

Say Hello to Josh. Every journey starts at the beginning and he will be your guide.  Josh knows the market, he knows building, and he knows what it will take to get you the house you want in the right spot downtown. 

After you have finalized your thoughts on where to build, and the Architect has been selected for your project, then the real fun begins!  All the aspects of your life are interpreted into schematic layouts, and tweaked as needed until you picture yourself inside cooking dinner for the kids or entertaining friends on the patio.  

As we progress, you'll meet Emily and Michael!  Emily is our expert on everything cool and hip. She will work with you to develop your own personal style for your home  and form the best game plan for your finish "selections".  Michael is our numbers wiz. Nerd!  He works through every element of your design to help you understand your investment, as he meticulously estimates your project! 

What we deliver

We provide "fixed cost" contracts to our clients.  We wouldn't build a home with risk of having to spend more than we anticipated originally; why should you?  We are very thorough during our design process, ensure all costs are quantified, and that you understand where your money is invested.

Financing is an important factor in the total equation as well.  We have key partners that we work with often, and we will be happy to make the connections.

You want to live in a Historical District!  Not to worry, you came to the right place. We have built more homes in the Indianapolis Historical areas than any other builder by far, and know a thing or two about that process.

The end result

Aaron, the job site maestro, will bring your project to life! You can expect that your home will be finished on time. You will be an active participant in the process and watch the process unfold in real time, and online from your own personal "project information hub".  You will know when to plan for site meetings and selection deadlines; since you'll have a mobile app that keeps you connected to the project schedule.  You will be happy you invested in the quality that the Re-Development Group provides, and you'll enjoy waving to members of the team as you cross paths with them in the community for years to come!

We believe that being fair, nice, and awesome at what we do is an excellent business strategy.  We love building homes, and it shows. We look forward to meeting you!